Fine dining at Strasbourg

June 1, 2015
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Once my morning and midday appointments were completed and immediately following an afternoon well spent walking around the quaint little streets of Strasbourg and a tour of the famous Cathedral, it was time for dinner.


The place Le Gavroche – a very small and intimate dining room that presents gourmet French foods utilizing local product while mindful of high quality presentation as is to be expected from a restaurant with a one Michelin star rating.



The atmosphere is modern with interiors made of dark wood. The nine tables in the restaurant are serviced exclusively by a three-person team- Chef Benoit, his wife Natalie and one other waiter. My overall take on the dining experience was that Le Gavroche certainly delivers on modern French cuisine served in an intimate atmosphere. As the restaurant is cozy and small as compared to other dining experiences, But a definite must while visiting Strasbourg.

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