Some wisdom only comes through pain

May 2, 2015

As you are aware last week I was in Geneva for an old but serious battle, during these 3 days I tried to keep my calm and stay focused on my battle and just repeat in my heads Every life will travel many roads some not so smooth, it’s the rough terrain that gives you insight into yourself….  I hope you too, will never give up on life’s pressure. Live authentically. Be the person you truly are, and the sincerity of your efforts will bring a wonderful richness to your life. 

Below you can find the first part of this trip’s pictures I try to upload the next part soon.






sometimes Life Leaves You With Mess And You Have To Make Happiness Out Of Mess.


After the storm


You can see the famous Geneva’s fountain behind my head



My heart is always skipping the beat and my soul wanders between real and dream

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