Day 1, The bluest of views in Ibiza, Spain

September 8, 2015

Hello Friends so I am back in London for a short week before I head out again in a couple of days. I wanted to take this time to post about my trip to Ibiza, Spain last week. I had some friends who came with me from my days in France and Switzerland for a long overdue reunion. It was a great few days with old friends creating memories on a beautiful island.


Of course we enjoyed ourselves doing many things on the island, but the best part by far was spending time with your friends, doing something as  simple as having a glass of wine on the outdoor patio of our villa and enjoying the view. After this weekend, I truly believe and am convinced that it is not about where you go but the company you keep that matters.


We rented a gorgeous flat in the beautiful area of Talamanca in Ibiza which is close to the city center and right next to the night clubs and restaurants, the main attractions in Ibiza.


DSCN8684 DSCN8686

It was great because we had a view of both the sea and and also were very close to all the places we wanted to go to later.


Because the weather was very cloudy that weekend, it made the water stand out even more. The juxtaposition between the grey clouds and azure blue water only added to the beauty of the scenary.


The flat was a luxurious 3 bedroom Penthouse that was the perfect size up on a hill with amazing views.








And of course, my favorite part, the Infinity pool. Swimming there was so peaceful and serene. I really enjoyed myself.






Can’t beat that view right?

I will be posting a blog post everyday this week about my trip to Ibiza so stay tuned and have a great week!

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