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Lots of you ask me many questions about myself, my career, what I’m doing etc. I think you can find below more or less a brief CV about me and what I do in life, I live the way I want and this kind of life gave me confidence. Confidence isn’t believing you’re better than anyone else. It’s believing you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. You too It’s your life, you should live it, the way you want to…

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Born: Tehran, IRAN

Lives: London, United Kingdom

Studied: Economy, University of Geneva

Current job: Private equity (Hotel investment)

Currently Working at: Paris France

Hobby: Amateur cuisine,

Drinking: Green Smoothies, Spicy Tomato Juice

Eating: Seasoned Salmon fillet, Ribeye stake

Sport: Swimming, Crossfit

Places most likely to be find: Oblix London, Carette Paris, la Clemence Geneva

Currently reading: The School for Gods by Stefano Anna

Favorite business book: Fan of Harvard business review

All time favorite book: the Poems by RUMI

Talent: Spotting growth opportunity

Heroes: Bahramgour, The ancient Pesian empire, Rumi, the ultimate wise man, Ryan Lochte, The hard worker

First ambition: to be an entrepreneur

Motto: Die less and live forever

Most likely to say: A man who aims high, permanently committed to his improvement

Least likely to say: Give up!

Award: My mother



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