Christmas walk in Colmar, France


So this week I will be traveling all across France and ending my business trip in Paris. Once again I find myself in the beautiful and ever romantic Colmar, France near both the borders of Germany and Switzerland. Every time I visit this charming little town, I fall more in love with it than the time before. Of all of my travels, I dare say that I find it to be the most romantic city.

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These days the beauty is enhanced by all of the beautiful and festive decorations for the Christmas and Holiday season. The Christmas market in Colmar is much smaller than the one in Strasbourg, which I hope to share with you later in this week so stay tuned!

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I have come here to this beautiful little town once again on business. I am very eager to close my deals but I have to remind myself constantly that becoming the best you can be doesn’t happen overnight. It takes effort, progress and motivation. And while most people want to improve, they do not work at it. Others are doing everything they can to be better, smarter, and awesome at their respective business but they reach a point where they are not seeing results and so they give up.

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Then there are those that fall into the excuse trap. “I am too old for that.” Or, “I simple do not have the time.” “Someone else will do it.” “It’s too late now.” “I am not smart enough.” “I am not ready or I am too scared.” Or “I simply do not have the resources to compete with others.” These are just a few of the most common excuses and sadly that is just scratching the top of the excuse barrel.

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I have come here to romantic Colmar for one purpose; to find solutions. Solutions that push me to the next level. There are days when I am extremely tired, days where I do not want to put in any effort, days where I am frustrated with the little amount of progress that I am making. Of course I go through these emotions, I am human just as much as anyone else and I have the same problems and the same fears. The difference is that I have become very skilled at reminding myself that becoming the best doesn’t happen overnight. Rain or shine, I keep going. I encourage you all to stop making excuses and keep going as well. They say the sky is the limit, for me, there is no limit; and if there was, it would be well beyond the sky.


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