Getting to Know Me…


Greetings friends I am back in London after a trip to beautiful Venice, Italy for more business meetings and a bit of exploration. Speaking of exploration, every once in a while people want to explore and get to know me more. What I do, what I like/dislike, what I read, etc?

Below you will find the answers to these questions and more.

Leave me a comment below with a question of your own and I will feature it in the next Getting to Know Me post.





Where was I Born?

 Tehran, IRAN

Where do I currently live?

 London, United Kingdom

What did I study?

I have a degree in Economics from University of Geneva in Switzerland

What do I do for a living?

 Private equity (Hotel investment)

Where is my business based?

 Paris, France






What are my hobbies? 

Amateur cuisine, sports, attending art galleries

What do I like to drink?:

Green smoothies, Spicy tomato juice, coffee of course

What is my favorite food? 

Any and all kinds off sea foods & fishes

What sports do I most enjoy?

Swimming & Crossfit

What am I currently reading? 

 The Memories of Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk

What is my favorite business book?

I am a big fan of Harvard business review

What is my favorite book of all time?

the Poems by RUMI, without question.

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Where would you most likely find me?

Botanist in London, Carette in Paris, Enoteca in Venice

What is my favorite restaurant? 

Le relais de L’entrecote in Geneva and not Paris

What is my favorite city in the world? 

I am a wanderer with no favorite city,

I always crave the wilderness of the forest and breath of fresh winds

What is my favorite hotel? 

Le Meurice in Paris

What city/destination would I like to visit next? 

California, U.S.A.

If I could travel with anyone in history, who would I travel with and where would we go? 




What is my best talent? 

Spotting growth opportunities

Who are my heroes?

 Bahramgour-The ancient Pesian empire,

Rumi- The ultimate wise man,

Ryan Lochte- The hard worker

What was my first ambition?

To be an Entrepreneur

What is my Motto?

 Die less and live forever

What am I most likely to say?

 A man who aims high


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