How to always have a PLAN B


Welcome back everyone — I’ve missed all of you. I hope you had a relaxing summer and are looking forward to a new season and my return to the blog to share my businesses and travels experiences with you. Those who read me regularly know well, I adore a good mantra. One that I keep in my arsenal is “always have a PLAN B.”

It is 5 years now that I began an acquisition project in France. I gave it my all, but when the project lost a few major elements of success, other associates decided to stop their hope on chance of success — but not me. In that moment, I made the decision to never place myself in that position again and always have a Plan B. With this Plan B, I would guarantee for myself a constant stream of chance of success, whether the others believed in it or not.

Now after almost more than a year and with the help of those Plan B, I am again back to french market trying to realize my longtime goal. Whether you are working a full time job for a company or trying to launch your own business, if you keep these four tips in mind, you’ll always have a Plan B to fall back on or act upon when ready.

Scroll down to keep reading about my four tips! And a special thanks to my dear friend Zamil Ibn Zubair, one of the London based photographers I have the pleasure of working with. We went to Hampton Court Palace here in London to shoot these photos. Drop me a comment below about the photos please!



1. Clearly define what you want to do.

The first step to putting together a Plan B is to fully understand your options. You must explore every possible road and opportunity. Then, focus on the one thing that you really want to do and find out as much information on it as possible. Research, research, research, learn, learn learn. Then Repeat! Once you have all of the information that you need, you can start to create your new To-Do-List, or plan of attack.



2. Manage your time with efficiency

Work smarter, not harder. I am always against the idea of working 16 hours per day. By managing your time efficiently, you can become more successful in your current position and more creative when it comes to your Plan B. Regardless of how busy your workday is, it’s important that you do not lose sight of the tasks that you need to complete. Prioritize your tasks, monitor your schedule, keep sight of your goals, and take quick breaks when needed. Also remember the importance of stepping back when necessary. No I do not mean abandon your Plan B, I mean when you cannot tackle a particular problem, go for a walk, go workout, go out to dinner. Then come back with fresh eyes, and better solutions.


3. Get a good amount of rest

You may be sacrificing sleep in an effort to accomplish more, but it will do more harm in the long run than good. Getting enough sleep per night allows your body and mind to function optimally. For me, this is unfortunately its my biggest weakness. An appropriate amount of rest can also result in improved memory, lowered stress levels, a healthier body weight and a longer life. All these years in business I have still not mastered it, and am constantly trying to improve to perform at my optimum levels.


4. Be steadfast, but flexible

Building a business on your own is HARD. If it were easy, everyone would do it. If your Plan B does work, congratulations! You are on your way and have reached your goal. If your initial Plan B doesn’t work, do NOT panic. There is always the option to change direction. Or as we discussed above, to take a step back and come back with a new plan of attack. Learn to be flexible and apply it to your daily life. It is also a great way to exercise your brain and stay young.  If every time my initial plan or Plan B did not work and I would have panicked or given up, well then I would not be here at this moment writing these words to you and turning my dreams into reality.


You don’t need to use all these ideas, but putting a few into practice will help you become more productive and ultimately, reduce some stress. When it comes to creating a Plan B, changing your routine is often easier said than done. Just keep in mind you can never define a proper plan B with high amount of tensions and stress. This is why working on flexibility is so important. But with practice and determination, you will be able to push past any obstacle and establish a successful Plan B business plan.

I hope that these tips are helpful to you and I also hope that they help me to achieve my Parisian dream.


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