Venice, Italy

Afternoon Cocktails in Hotel Danieli


Venice is home to both stunning architecture and striking hotels, and Hotel Danieli is no exception. Many of you are likely familiar with Hotel Danieli as the featured hotel in the movie the Tourist, starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Recently, I went for afternoon cocktails in Hotel Danieli to have a look around at the beautiful hotel, its decor and sample its cocktails. Continue reading to experience the elegance and don’t forget to check out my last paragraph!

Hotel Danieli is lavish and exquisite in every way and boasts 4 different restaurants including Bar Dandolo. Bar Dandolo features an extensive cocktail menu served amidst beautiful gothic decor, cathedral ceilings with live piano music echoing through the halls, as the bar is set in the ground floor of the 14th century Palazzo Dandolo.


The elegant setting and tasty cocktails do come at a steep price, so be prepared to spend some cash when you go to Hotel Danieli. It is also a place where most of the patrons are older, so definitely take your mum and dad if they are visiting Venice with you. But it is definitely the place to go for a lavish experience in Venice, Italy. I hope you have have enjoyed these photos taken by my friend.

Look at these colorful cocktails. One is vodka base, and one is gin base. 

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