Sunset over the cliffs of Bonifacio


Hello friends I am back! I am wondering how many of you are still here and reading this? Do me a favor, and please drop me a comment below so that I know someone is still listening, and reading.

As promised, this is the fourth and final post about my trip to Corsica. And I have truly saved the best for last –both my favorite city, Bonifacio, and this magical sunset, which inspired the text you read below.

You keep insisting the world is round, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen off the edge…

I’ve worked hard towards regaining my life by tackling fears and past traumas. Since my trip last year to Corsica until this year, my life has changed radically. I realized when we free ourselves from the shackles that bind us to feelings of unworthiness, we open ourselves up to an entirely new level of life. And then there comes a moment where we realize that was then, this is now… here over the cliffs of Bonifacio.

And now, I’m open to possibilities that honor me. To connections that lift me up. To days of cursing the island and evenings of watching a beautiful sunset over the cliffs. I’m open to all those things now that I had always pushed away because so long ago THEY wanted to show me I wasn’t worthy. I usually keep my thoughts free, my heart raw and open, my feelings pure and simple. I feed my fire and passion, and I never forget to dream. I never settle for less. It is time to live up to the dreams and experience all those things they tried to denied me. It is time for more.




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