Slow Death


What I’m living these days feels like a slow death. Not one hard slice. But a thousand cuts on every tie of my heart. Depression sits heavily in me for the past few weeks. An unexpected and sudden loss of my mother, due to Corona Virus, all that feels like I am in a limbo. It will pass, I know. But its a heavy burden.

I‘m well aware that everything fades eventually. but at the same time accepting this, is the hardest feat each of us must face in life. losing people you love changes you forever. It’s like a piece of you goes with them, while part of them remains with you forever.

I have had lots of friends over the years who lost a parent. You think you can understand them, that you can empathise. But, nobody can understand it until it happens to you. It’s an existential thing. Truly, it changes you as a person.

Grief comes in waves, unexpectedly waiting in the early morning, or during the dinner. Time does not heal, nor people can be replaced once they are gone. 

You are gone, but You are loved and Love remains forever.


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