Venice, Italy

Fondaco dei Tedeschi


So I know you have all been wondering where I go when I am in Venice, Italy… what is my secret spot?! Well I am happy to share with you today that my regular hangout spot is none other than the Fondaco dei Tedeschi. Come explore Venice’s newest Hot Spot! Photos were kindly provided by my talented friend, photographer Renzo Carraro.






So what is a Fondaco anyways? The historic building located right on the Grand Canal next to the Rialto Bridge was formerly the headquarters and restricted living quarters of the city’s German (Tedeschi) merchants. And so from the beginning, this has been a site where people from all over the world would gather to trade and do business, much like the international tourists that visit it today. The building was first constructed in 1228 and then rebuilt in the 16th Century, making it over 500 years old.





Now I want to take you to the see the other part of why I visit the Fondace dei Tedeschi –none other than luxury shopping of course. This is Venice’s first luxury department store and has kept its reputation. From the ultra luxurious and fabulous, where you just cannot help but stare and the beautiful purses and shoes. To the little Italian trinkets and souvenirs that I always purchase for friends and family before I go back home, you can find everything you need all right here. It is always one of my last stops to purchase goodies before I head back home to London, and I recommend you to try it also.

In addition to the history of the building, the luxurious shopping experiences, and lovely rooftop views of the Grand Canal when the weather is warm. I come here mainly for the amazing experience that Lucas Kelm, head bartender and master Mixologist of the Fondaco Bar. There are not enough words to describe how talented this man is. He can make you the most delicious cocktail and no two are the same. If you dare to be bold, have a seat and tell him your base liquor and he will whip you up something fantastic. Definitely inquire about his original Tea Martini, it is a unique cocktail the likes of which you have never had.



                                                    The one and only Italian Negroni, my favorite drink hands down! 

The amazing hand crafted cocktails made by Lucas, on the left is his original tea martini in the making! 


There are many reasons to visit the Fondaco dei Tedeschi. But I keep coming back to my dear friend Lucas for all of the incredible art he creates in a glass. You cannot visit Venice without a trip to the Fondaco and to visit Lucas. You will not be disappointed! Ciao.









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