Venice, Italy

Be 1 percent better every day


Some of you know that I have been an athlete my whole life. Sports and physical fitness are extremely  important to me; as is always striving to be 1 percent better every day. Most of you don’t know that I used to be a competitive athlete, a swimmer – a sport that I now practice regularly, though no longer on the competitive circuit. That was until recently when I discovered what I thought was shoulder pain from over stress in exercise was a common swimming injury that resulted in the need for surgery.

A couple weeks ago I had surgery on my left shoulder. And thankfully I am getting better and stronger everyday. Below is a post I wrote as I was resting after surgery. The photos are from me starting to train again and try to get back to my optimum athletic form. It is my sincere hope and strong desire to one day be able to competitively swim again. I would really appreciate you continuing to leave me beautiful comments below.

An athlete who delivers an incredible performance in the playoffs is showing the result of thousands of hours of practice. We can do the same thing with our food, sleep, exercise, thinking, WORK and business. Strive to be 1 percent better every day. A 1 percent change might not seem like much, but those small daily improvements amplify your life. It’s like earning compound interest for your body and mind.

We can all learn from elite performers in any discipline, or great entrepreneurs even those in areas quite different from our own. Do you have any techniques that you use to perform at your absolute best?

I’m a lucky guy, even when times are tough or I’m in a sour contentious mood, the love I receive from you guys on a daily basis is humbling. There are moments where you think to yourself—wow I’ve been blessed, and because of you, now I get that feeling often; I take nothing for granted. Don’t take the small moments in life for granted, enjoy and appreciate them more, while they are happening.

Be present- the real thing is better than a memory.

Blessed and thankful for this privilege to come across and interact with so many amazing people, from all walks of life. You guys are amazing! This year, I’m choosing not to take life’s small moments for granted anymore, appreciate and learn to enjoy them more while they are happening before your very eyes. Strive to be 1 percent better every day.



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