Brunch at Brew in London


On Sunday, I left the house to take my young friend Dario to a late brunch at Brew in London. Brew Cafe is a 3 chain restaurant located in Southwest London. Around noon on Sunday, we went to eat at the Putney location, which is the largest restaurant of the chain.

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on our way to Brunch at Brew

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I chose Brew because I wanted to take my young friend Dario, who just moved here from Italy, out and about in London to show him a nice neighborhood and grab a bite to eat. I wanted him to really experience a young place where I thought he would like the environment and the food.

6+ sep 21 125

My young friend Dario, welcome to London!

me with my hungry face on :)

Brew is an extremely trendy restaurant because it has a new innovative menu, particularly for London, as they are serving smoothies and foods that are not typically served in other places. For example, one of the things we ordered was a Turkish dish called Cilbir (pronounced Giblir). It is a poached egg that is served on top of yogurt and finished with butter and fresh chopped herbs. It was truly delicious and I cannot wait until my next visit to Istanbul, Turkey so I can try it there!

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look at all the smoothie and juice options!

6+ sep 21 110

6+ sep 21 113

They even had Persian Feta on the menu!

6+ sep 21 126

Cilbir, Turkish poached egg

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We also shared some fantastic pancakes which we washed down with some cucumber and lemon infused water and great healthy smoothies. After that, Dario and I decided we were not fully yet and wanted to explore the lunch menu as well, so we ordered a couple of hamburgers that were also tasty. I really enjoyed the varied menu that even featured Persian feta cheese!

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6+ sep 21 120 6+ sep 21 119

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6+ sep 21 118

6+ sep 21 123

after all that delicious food, I needed a latte to wash it down :)

The cafe had a nice interior with calm music and I would definitely recommend it as a great brunch spot, especially for people in their 20’s and 30’s. The atmosphere was different from other places in that it was decorated simply in a minimal modern style, which I personally really enjoy. The restaurant was very busy, so much so that I was speechless by how many people just kept walking in the front doors. Although it was very busy as they were packed for brunch, it was still a calm and relaxing environment for Sunday brunching.

6+ sep 21 112

Fresh fruit for smoothies

6+ sep 21 1166+ sep 21 103

6+ sep 21 107 6+ sep 21 106

6+ sep 21 134

6+ sep 21 104

When I think about it, my overall experience was that Brew had a nice atmosphere- you can sit outside on the patio like we did, and you can eat food that is different than what you typically eat in London at an affordable price. All of these are part of the appeal of Brew and made a very pleasant brunching experience. Dario and I were both pleased and I think he really liked his introduction to London!


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