Brunch at The Georges Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey


I was fortunate enough to spend a few days last week in Istanbul, Turkey for a quick business trip. But my love affair with this beautiful country began many years ago. If you have been to this beautiful city or country, leave me a comment and please share your thoughts with all of us.

It is bizarre how much Turkey reminds me of Iran. Of course, because Turkey has had a lot more relations with the West and is geographically located closer to Europe, it is a lot more Westernized while still maintaining its Oriental charm. At times, I get frustrated with the business roadblocks that I face in Turkey which are different from the challenges I face in Europe, but even with that, I still love this place.


The language is very similar to Farsi, their foods are similar to Iranian foods, the people have similar features, even the positive and negative attributes and experiences that you have are almost at times identical to those in Iran. When I am in Turkey, I can say that truly I feel at home in this country and with its people. Every time that I go visit, I truly feel closer to this country and its people and I am proud of the Turkish friendships and relationships I have cultivated over the years.


Over the weekend my good friend Cem, and his wife Merve, honored me by inviting me to go to a beautiful breakfast with a view at The Georges Hotel in Istanbul. It is truly a unique experience when you are traveling but get the opportunity to hang out with your friends in a different city and act like a local. That was my experience last weekend and it was a lot of fun.

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Georges Hotel is one of my favorite spots in Istanbul. It is a boutique hotel located in the heart of the city in a very trendy neighborhood, Galata, next to the famous Galata Tower and a few kilometers away from the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. The rooftop of the hotel has a fantastic view of the South East towards Asia and of course Sea of Marmara. There are so many beautiful and boutique hotels in this city that I have stayed at but by and far, I am in love with this hotel. From its location, to its cozy atmosphere, and completely fair priced for what it offers.

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I had a fantastic brunch with Cem and his wife, including some delicious pain au chocolat pictured below. We discussed life in Turkey, life in Iran, politics, of course the people of this country and its culture. We truly enjoyed ourselves and relished the beautiful moment with the spectacular view. Until we meet again Turkey, thank you as always for your hospitality and your beauty…

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