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Last week during a quick day trip to Basel, Switzerland for some meetings I was fortunate to get the last table serving Business Lunch at the Cheval Blanc Restaurant, which means White Horse in French. The restaurant however gets its name from Chateau Cheval Blanc, (White Horse Castle) which is a famous wine producer in the Bordeaux region of France, and has the distinction of only one of four wines in the world to be given the highest rank status of classification.

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Located in the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, the 2 Michelin star Restaurant is situated on the Rhine River. During the summers especially when the weather is beautiful, the terrace becomes quite the romantic spot to enjoy your lunch and take in the beautiful scenery. During the day I was there, unfortunately the terrace was not setup properly, but they allowed me to moves tables for dessert into the Bar Room pictured below where we enjoyed dessert overlooking the Rhine.

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The restaurant had about 10 – 12 tables inside, all of which were full of patrons their to enjoy the business lunch, which is an elegant 3 course meal. Each course in the meal was separated by an amuse-bouche, which are small appetizers that typical are not ordered by the patrons, but are based on the chefs personal selection and are designed to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse into the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine.

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One of the amuse-bouche that were served to us included an oyster served with a cucumber coulis and topped off with some fresh creme. It was delicious and quite refreshing!

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The three course meal was not inexpensive by any means, however both the food and the service were excellent. My favorite part of the meal however by far was the starter. The starter was composed of fois gras that was warmed and served with fresh truffle. I personally enjoy fois gras immensely and usually try it in every restaurant I visit, but this fois gras served with truffle, which had a soup like consistency was absolutely delicious. It was a great start to the meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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In between courses, we enjoyed the amuse-bouche and the views as well as the impeccable service. The staff were quite attentive and their attention to detail was very impressive, extremely professional, and they truly made the experience even more enjoyable. I was similarly impressed by their foreign language skills. Each person spoke English, French, German, and even Italian.

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Towards the end of the meal, we moved to the American Bar Terrace for the last course-dessert. The dessert course was an assortment of different chocolates in different flavors and shapes. The chocolates were served with a large cup of coffee and a view of the Rhine River.

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The experience at Cheval Blanc was very enjoyable and definitely a worthy spot for a Business Lunch anytime you are in Basel.


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