From the Rooftops of London


It is my last weekend before my big battle next week and I was getting major cabin fever at home so I had to head out and catch some fresh air and come back to my worries and troubles later. I could not think of a better place to escape then amongst the clouds, so I went to the rooftops of London!


Two weeks ago when I was in Ibiza, Spain I wrote to you about my rooftop experience with my great friends from the Me hotel in Ibiza, Spain. Today, I went to the rooftop of the Me Hotel in London, to have brunch and drinks at Radio, their rooftop bar.


DSCN9505 DSCN9507


If I could use one word to describe the people and the atmosphere I would say trendy. Everyone was dressed to the nines, something that is a bit unusual for London and more typical of say Paris or Milan. It was a refreshing change to see both the ladies and gentlemen in attendance fully groomed and fresh faced at noon on a Saturday in London, and something you definitely do not see very often.

DSCN9474 DSCN9469 DSCN9467 DSCN9465

The one word I would use to describe sitting outside on the rooftop and enjoying the al fresco breakfast is fantastic. The views are just awesome, you have the entire view of the South side of London from East and stretching to the west side.



stunning view of London Landmarks!


I HIGHLY recommend this rooftop bar for anyone looking for a great view of London. All of the famous landmarks are within sight from a single rooftop! Westminister Abbey, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and more, all from one roof!


Westminster Abbey and Big Ben

DSCN9436 DSCN9434

DSCN9453 DSCN9444 DSCN9442 DSCN9439

We enjoyed some drinks and tapas on the rooftop but to be honest left hungry. I would not recommend you to go to this place on an empty stomach like I did. The drinks here however were absolutely fantastic, and the views were amazing. I promise if you come for the nice music, the drinks, and the stunning views of London, you will not be disappointed!


Spanish Tapas

DSCN9462DSCN9481 DSCN9479DSCN9459


DSCN9429 DSCN9427


DSCN9449 DSCN9448



Stay tune for my next post on the famous Covenant Garden! Leave me a comment below on what your favorite monument or thing about London is. Your idea may be featured in a future post! Have a great weekend everyone, Cheers.


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