Street Party for Queen of England’s 90th Birthday Celebration!


As many of you know, last weekend was The Queen of England’s 90th Birthday Celebration. There was a very lively spirit all over the country and especially here in London to commemorate this event. Something that is very unique to English culture is that when there is an event on a national level that is positive, the English hold a street party to celebrate the event. Many immigrants to this country find this concept a bit odd, but nevertheless the Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration was the latest street party last week and celebrations were held all across England.


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Aside from celebrating the Queen’s birthday, these street parties are used to promote and raise money for different charities. My friend and I attended a street party in the posh neighborhood of Chelsea in London, which I have written posts about for you before. In Chelsea, vendors were raising money for the Ataxia Foundation — Ataxia is a group of degenerative diseases that affects the nervous system and derails the ability to control your muscles and bodily movement. Vendors donate items (food, drink, treats, gifts, etc.) and with each patron purchase, 100% of proceeds goes to the charity sponsored at the particular street party.

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We walked around the different vendor tables, took in the sights and smells, ate some delicious hamburgers, and bought some sweet treats to take home later. All in all, it was a delightful afternoon. Everyone was in a jovial spirit, with the combination of celebrating her Royal Highness and donating to a worthy cause. I hope you enjoyed your personal tour of Chelsea’s Street Party.

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