What is your what if? How to use fear and breakthrough it.


It was a picture perfect day in Venice. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the are busy tourists taking pictures passionately. I hitched a terrifying but equally thrilling elevator ride to the top of San Marco Campanile Tower. I wanted to see Venice not only from the streets and canals, but also from the top to get a better perspective of the layout of the city, and to enjoy the spectacular view.


San Marco Campanile Tower from the ground before I went up



I came to this city expecting just like many others do, that I would appreciate Venice for how romantic it is. True, romance is an endearing element of Venice. But to be completely honest with you, I fell in love with Venice not because it is a city that makes you feel like you want to fall and be in love and wander the city with your beloved. During my few days in this magnificent city, I grew to love Venice because of the accomplishments the people who built this city hundreds of years ago made. Walking up and down the streets of these small islands connected by beautiful bridges and canals, I look up and all around myself at all the beautiful buildings, take a deep breath, and say to myself, “wow, what if the people who built this city did not dream of what they could create together and the legacy they would leave for the rest of the world?”

DSCN0627 DSCN0625

If you stop and think about it, everything begins with if. Every achievement, from the buildings scattered all over this amazing city Venice to exploring the deepest ends of the galaxy, every idea begins with the question what if? So does every dream, every breakthrough. So the question is: What is your dream, what is your what if?



What if you gave yourself permission to no longer fear that which you fear? What if, instead of blindly fearing it, you learned more about it, sought to understand it, and even to positively respond to it? Fear gets your attention by being overly dramatic. Whatever you fear is not nearly as terrifying as your fear has made it out to be.

DSCN0624 DSCN0620

I too have fears, especially at this very moment in my life. Fear is useful in the short term because it can prepare you and spur you to quick action. Yet over time, fear builds walls that imprison you and alienate you. Listen to the fear, but don’t let it become a permanent part of you. Learn from the fear, draw energy from it, and then work through the fear and ultimately get yourself past it.



As you go through the motions of working through your fear, you will find that you can summon your newfound courage to accept, to understand, and to make something extremely beneficial out of the situation. Instead of letting the fear drain you, allow the positive possibilities to empower you. You are strong, smart, capable and motivated to make a positive difference.


You are probably asking yourself right now but how? How can I get past the fear?  The solution is very simple–just ask yourself What if?

One little if can change everything.

One little if can change anything.

And perhaps the most amazing if is today’s key verse:

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

All we have to remember is that if we have faith- in God, in the spiritual, in the universe, in the energies, whatever you personally believe, that there is truly nothing to fear because everything is pushing us in the right direction. So as we begin a new week, I encourage you to ask yourself – what is your what if? 


N.B. This is my last post from beautiful Venice. However, I will be back here on business soon and look forward to writing more about this city for you. Who knows how Venice will inspire me later? Stay tuned and kindly leave me a comment below and let’s discuss, fears and breakthroughs. Wishing all you dear readers a fantastic week ahead!


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