A Sunny Sunday in Chelsea


After walking around Chelsea neighborhood this past Sunday, it was time for lunch at the Market Place. Established in 1984, The Market Place Restaurant offers a unique dining venue in the Heart of Chelsea. For days when the sun in shinning over London city, everyone rushes to this restaurant at the Chelsea Farmers Market to enjoy the spacious open air outdoor seating on the terrace. For those who prefer, or on a rainy day as is typical in London, there is a cozy kitchen style restaurant inside as well.

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One of the great things about The Market Place Restaurant is that the menu changes seasonally, fresh salads and BBQ for the summer and hearty stews for those cold winter months. The menu is priced inexpensively and it is wonderful that with such a rotational menu, you are guaranteed to not eat the same thing there twice ever. Everything is fresh and the quality is quite high.


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The restaurant caters to a very young and hip crowd who come to enjoy the food, the open air and space, and likely partake in a glass of Pimm’s –which is basically the British version of Sangria, alcohol and fruit, that is particularly popular here in England during the summer months.

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Another enjoyable element the restaurant provides is the music, especially in the afternoons around 4 or 5 p.m. when the music takes on a more lounge and dance vibe. You will probably observe more hipsters and posh types who come to drink afternoon cocktails and enjoy the sunshine.

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The Market Place Restaurant is truly the place to be and be seen when the sun is shinning in London. I definitely recommend everyone to stop by on their summer holiday in London. Cheers!

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