Berners Tavern – London Edition Hotel


The London Edition Hotel lobby is a marvel and feast upon the eyes in and of itself. The marble pillars and large scale adornments look like the perfect mélange of the Palace of Versailles meets Palais Garnier, the national Opera house in Paris. You have to do a quick check and remind yourself that you are not in either of these places nor another opulent museum.


And if that could not be topped, wait until you see the restaurant! The main room feels like a giant art gallery filled with work of varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Photographs and paintings line the walls from ceiling to floor depicting paintings from various locations and differing eras of art. There are impressively grand chandeliers and statutes carved out of the ceilings. The room glows with a golden hue from top to bottom, largely in part due to the photographs and paintings which are all displayed in golden frames. You catch everyone stopping to admire the art on the walls and bask in golden glow of the room while the enjoy their dinner. In all likelihood, it is one of the most visually stunning restaurant venues in all of London.

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The menu, like the pictures on the walls, covers everything; there are grills and platters to share, Sunday roasts and sandwiches, elegant seafood dishes and Friday fish and chips. On Sunday, I was tired and in a whimsical sort of mood, so I started my meal backwards, first having coffee and a chocolate tart, and then finishing with food and drink.

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Berners Tavern is grown up and sophisticated, but it is also not for everyone. Some may consider it over the top and opulent, while others will enjoy the air of sophistication and type of patrons that visit—note most of the crowd is young, hip, and dressed to the nines in suit, tie and elegant cocktail dresses for the ladies.



Reservations are a must, as I went on a Sunday evening which is not a typical meal to go out, and still the 50 or so tables in the restaurant filled quickly. Since they were only able to give me a table for an hour, we chose to sit in the Bar area. Which ended up being amazing as the mixologist there was quite friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend visiting for the ambiance, to sit and admire the art on the walls, and for the drinks. I personally really preferred and recommend the Bar area as opposed to the tables in the restaurant, which we eventually were seated in, but to each their own. Berners Tavern and the London Edition Hotel are both definitely a visual feast for the eyes and enticing to the palate if you are ever in London.



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