Birthday Dinner at La Petite Maison


So finally, a moment to write about my birthday dinner! There are a couple of trendy new spots I have been meaning to check out in London, but settled on La Petite Maison for my birthday dinner. It is the London outpost of the decades old restaurant in Nice, serving the best of Nicoise food in the up and coming Mayfair neighborhood.

DSCN9880 DSCN9943


The triangular shaped dining rooms provides the perfect spot to dine in for those who want to see and be seen. The focus, as you can see in the photos below, is on a grand wine list that serves southern French wines, and also showcases the best of London’s quality rosés, perfect for summer.




DSCN9928 DSCN9912
DSCN9909  DSCN9899  DSCN9889

Now on to the food, which was quite delicious! We began with escargot and tuna tartare, both which were exquisite. Then it was onto Halibut, Lamb, and their famous baked mac and cheese, which was good but at market price a bit overpriced if you ask me.

DSCN9885 DSCN9898  DSCN9895 DSCN9896  DSCN9891 DSCN9890vDSCN9922  DSCN9920

DSCN9919  DSCN9917

Finally, it was time to bring Birthday Boy his desert. So for those of you that may not know, Pain Perdu is French for French Toast and generally is not considered high end, or something you would see served in a fine dining restaurant. However, looks can be deceiving. They brought me a Pain Perdu served with an elegant French vanilla ice cream that was absolutely delicious, and definitely left birthday boy with a big smile!

DSCN9926  DSCN9925


The dinner at La Petite Maison was enjoyable. I definitely do recommend it, especially in the summer for it brings a lightness to London. But it is not for those on a budget, plan for an expensive evening of wining and dining, and absolutely finish with the Pain Perdu!


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