Dinner at The Phene in Chelsea


With a heritage stretching back to 1853, The Phene has evolved into an institution in Chelsea. This little pub has created quite the name for itself with its beautiful garden patio combined with its fresh take on food, and particularly catering to vegetarians, vegans, and celiacs who eat gluten free. Unfortunately, I went there at night for dinner with friends and the beautiful garden patio was blocked off for a private party, so I was unable to photograph it for you.

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The Phene in ever posh and trendy Chelsea, is a converted pub that features library themed dining in the main room, a purple-velvet lounge bar, and beach bar style terrace. It is a spot that is mostly unknown to tourists, as it is hidden in the alleys and off the main roads in Chelsea neighborhood.

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The atmosphere is truly fantastic at Phene and the presentation of the food was very beautiful and enjoyable to the eye. Also, the food and drink were priced extremely fairly, especially for a night out in an expensive trendy neighborhood. My favorite thing by far I would have to say is the beautiful decor which you can see in the photos below. It helped to create a very young vibe of hipsters in their mid to late 30’s having dinner, which corresponded with most of the clientele there that evening.

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If you are looking for a very nice spot that is on a quite street with good food and great ambiance, then next time you are in London, head straight to the Phene. I promise you will enjoy your evening.

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