Business Lunch at JY’S in Colmar


Things have been terribly busy for me back and London and I am trying to get back into my regular routine of things. As such, time for blog posting becomes secondary to the bare necessities of life. Alas, I will not leave you dear readers out to try. I wanted to take this opportunity to right about my dining experience last week in Colmar at the ultra hip 2 Michelin star rated JY’S Restaurant.

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JY’S stands for Jean-Yves Schillinger. This attractive 1750s building with a trompe l’oeil façade is one of Colmar’s trendiest places to eat. It is overseen by a creative chef full of ideas and exhibits utra-contemporary decor by Olivier Gagnère.

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I went to JY’s per usual on a business lunch and was not disappointed by the service nor by the variety of presentation and detail that went into the plates. If I could some up my experience eating there, in addition to an impressive wine list, it came down to the amuse-bouche and the desserts. There were different takes on the classics– sushi on a bed of fresh salt rock, seared scallops, and a terrine of foie gras.


assortment of fish and sushi for appetizer served on a bed of salt rock


foie gras terrine style

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But per usual, I was most impressed by the variety and attention to the deserts, my favorite part of any meal! First we were served fresh grapefruit, which was served table side with a pouring of liquid nitrogen for a smoky effect that was something I had not seen done before to grapefruit.

DSCN9700 DSCN9702 DSCN9704 DSCN9705

But I was most impressed with their presentation of the French classic, creme brûlée. Then, they brought us this empty ramequin to our tables, and filled it in front of us with custard. They then placed a sand glass on top of our table upon which when the sand reached the bottom, meant that the custard has set in the ramequins.



tick tock! Waiting on dessert :)

Then once the custard set, the servers came to our table and poured the sugar on top and torched the creme table side, making the brûlée magic happen right before our very eyes!




And voila! The finished product, delicious right, and it most certainly was. While we waited for the custard to set and be brûlée, an assortment of chocolates and macaroons inside a pretty little suede box were brought to our table to keep our hands and mouths occupied.


Overall the experience at JY’S was excellent, and I appreciated their attempt to bring something new and modern to traditional French cuisine. The amuse-bouche and desserts were truly fantastic. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Drop me a comment below and tell me what your favorite part was?


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