The Canals of Colmar


Once again I was in the little village of Colmar for a business lunch and a couple of meetings. When my schedule permits, and especially while the weather is still warm, I try to be outdoors as much as possible and take advantage of my surroundings. Particularly in cute little quaint towns which contrast greatly with my city life between London and Paris. DSCN9911 DSCN9908DSCN9785As an entrepreneur, there are lot of things that as use for inspiration and motivation- both to help me get past the various obstacles that come in my path on a particular project and also just to help me navigate through the channels of life. Speaking of channels, it was time to let the Canals of Colmar be my inspiration during my day trip there. DSCN9873 DSCN9870 DSCN9869Although the canals are not as grand nor the setting as glamours as the famous canals of Venice, I must say I was completely enchanted by my canal ride through Colmar. During a short 30 minute ride, I let go and completely set my mind free. I forgot where I was, who I was, and just let the little boat and the nature be my guide. It was honestly such a great experience, and for me in my current stage in life, honestly was much more enjoyable experience than the canals of Venice, Italy.


ready to let go in the Colmar Canals

DSCN9853 DSCN9844 There were so many animals that were busy living in the moment. It appeared that they did not have a care in the world, and it reminded me to breathe and be present in whatever task I have on my agenda for the day. DSCN9842 DSCN9831 DSCN9828 DSCN9823 DSCN9818 DSCN9813 DSCN9809 DSCN9801 DSCN9800 DSCN9795

In today’s world we are all so busy with our lives and individual schedules that we just literally forget to stop and take in the nature and beauty that is all around us. We also have to stop and let go to let the mind rest. These little “breaks” if you will allow you to reconnect not only with nature but to get a little distance from your problems. For me personally, I have found that usually when I disconnect a little from business, I am able to come back refreshed with a mind full of ideas and solutions. The canals of Colmar did not let me down. They gave tons of ideas. I hope that these photos will inspire you too and also remind you to let go, go into nature, and step away but come back refreshed to tackle your problems head on! Wishing everyone a great week. Cheers.

DSCN9768 DSCN9745 DSCN9744 DSCN9739


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