Day 3, An Epic Sunset in Ibiza


Our weekend was fast coming to a close and soon it was our last night in Ibiza. A couple of hours before our departures back home, my friends and I decided to make one last stop to a spot where we could hang out in a relaxed environment before we had to head to the airport.

ME Ibiza Hotel is located on the north part of the Ibiza island and actually shares a beachfront with Nikki beach which is growing in popularity as a trendy spot. It is a 5 star resort hotel that is brand new and is beautifully designed. You can tell that they have truly paid attention to detail in designing every single aspect of this hotel. The hotel has many attractions for patrons– a private beach, boats for rental, a world famous Spa, and two amazing pools, one on the beach and the other on the rooftop of the hotel.

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We went to the pool area on the rooftop where the famous Tapas bar is for wine, tapas, dinner, and views. My friends and I enjoyed the sunset together on the rooftop as we could not enjoy the sunset the other nights because it was cloudy during our entire trip. So this was our first and last sunset of the weekend and we got to experience it all together on the rooftop of ME!

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There are holographic images of stars and suns and different shapes that are hung all along the walls of the rooftop that when the sunlight would hit them would change colors. These were amazing and truly changed the environment with the light. Honestly the entire experience up on that rooftop was truly impressive.

DSCN8860DSCN8851DSCN8826 DSCN8840DSCN8822

We tried to sample an array of Spanish Tapas and they were honestly presented quite beautifully. My friends and tried various Tapas up on the rooftop, most of which I enjoyed.  But honestly the food and drink were a distant second to the views of the sun slowly dipping and setting into the sea which we observed minute by minute up high upon the rooftop. 

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As the final hours of our trip began to fade like the beautiful sun before us, I stood there on the rooftop looking at my friends and being so appreciative of the moment and of the weekend. It truly is not about where you are, even when you are on top of a beautiful building watching a beautiful sunset on a beautiful island. What matters is who you are with and hopefully they share the same sentiment too, then you are truly blessed. Thank you Ibiza for the great memories, until next time!


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