Day 2 in Ibiza — Boat Trip to Formentera


Before coming to Ibiza, I had rented a boat in advance for my friends and I to go boat riding around the island. The week before I came, I heard the weather was going to be cloudy and rainy and I almost canceled the boat excursion I had arranged. Fortunately, the weather was cloudy but on our side and we left port in Ibiza and were off to Formentera Island! Formentera a very small island but is the highest visited Island in Europe and the Mediteranean and is an absolute must see when you visit Ibiza.

Unfortunately for me personally, the ride to the island although beautiful was not very enjoyable because I get sea sick very easily, especially on smaller boats. We then stopped the boat for a swim and some water play in the middle of the sea.


When we reached the island, we took a quick stroll before we headed to the famous Juan y Andrea for lunch.




Juan y Andrea is the best restaurant on the Formentera Island. It has become quite the trendy hot spot with celebrities all over the place, including many famous football players. They all come to eat at Juan y Andrea for lunch because it is the most expensive and most luxurious restaurant Formentera has to offer.

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As you can see in the pictures, everyday they bring the fresh catch of the day for you in a bin and you select for yourself which fish you would like to eat. They then create a salt crust for the fish of your choice and baked it in a hot oven. We chose a sea bream fish that day. After they bake the fish, they bring it table side and remove the crust for you right there. The fish was honestly very delicious and exquisite. The appetizers were equally good, especially the green peppers that are pictured below. They would wrap each pepper individually in foil and salt and bake them separately in the clay over and then unwrap them individually and serve them. They were a sweet beautifully baked perfection in your mouth and absolutely were my favorite aside from the fish. We also ordered a Spanish paella which was also quite sumptuous.

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The boat trip and swimming in the sea were just wonderful, the food at Juan y Andrea was exquisite and amazing but again as the theme of Ibiza continues throughout these posts, I have to say that all of these travel and luxurious experiences pale in comparison to the lovely friends I got to spend my weekend with. They are and will remain what truly matters. :)


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