Dinner at Bambuddha Restaurant, Ibiza


I was a little apprehensive going into our first dinner on the island. During my last trip to Ibiza three years ago, I was not very impressed with the food and ambiance of the restaurants. Bambuddha changed all that. Located on San Juan Road, Bambuddha Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Ibiza.



After a recent renovation and menu change, you walk inside and instantly feel as though you have been transported to a temple in Goa. There are exotic statutes all around looking at you as you walk through the restaurant. The VIP section is decorated in plush red silk and gold cushions with beautiful people lounging around drinks in hand. There is a very sensual and erotic vibe to the restaurant which you feel as you are transported to this decadent ambiance underneath a canopy of bamboo that shelters diners but still allows for al fresco dining experience. Yes, that is right it is open air.





My friends and I walked into the restaurant and made our way straight for the bar for a round of drinks while they prepared our table. The Portuguese barman was very friendly and knowledgeable and the drinks were fantastic.






Then we were escorted to our table as our drinks were carried for us where our knowledgeable waiter then discussed the menu with us. The cuisine is pan-asian fusion, with a variety of dishes representing the best of asian cuisine. There is also an impressive wine list to match and a Sommelier who is happy to explain to you why Bambuddha is the best in cuisine and wine Ibiza has to offer.


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The food was absolutely delicious and fantastic. My favorite dish was the tuna carpaccio which was light and exquisite. The sushi quality was very high as well. Overall the meal was honestly excellent and priced very well too. Everyone was very pleased with both the food and the service.






The conclusion– Bambuddha Ibiza is now better than ever! The renovation and change in menu has made this place both a European celebrity hot spot and overall great dining experience on the island. The new sound system and better lighting also added to the enjoyable experience and in true Ibiza form, the music became more loud as the evening went on. If you want to take a piece of Bambuddha Ibiza home with you, just go to the gift shop next door and grab a t-shirt or bracelet as a souvenir. Make reservations in advance because this is definitely one of the best places Ibiza has to offer. Enjoy!


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