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As no doubt you have seen my business in Italy keeping me busy for quite some time now, you probably thought I had forgotten about you and this blog. No no my friends, never fear! Follow me to the heart of London and lets dine together at one of the new trendy spots in the city as we experience dinner at Coq d’Argent.

Dinner at Coq d’Argent

For my friends living in London and I, last weekend was unique. In spite of our busy schedules, we were all in town the same weekend and were able to head out for the evening. We decided to experience dinner at Coq d’Argent. Coq d’Argent roughly translated from French literally means Silver Cock or more appropriately Money Rooster. The name is actually quite fitting for a number of reasons which I will explain.

Perched atop the postmodern office and retail building at No.1 Poultry in London, the name Money Rooster fits because the rooftop restaurant is located directly across the London Stock Exchange and is quite literally filled with the money roosters of London -finance guys and high-flying financial types who flock to this trendy rooftop spot. Access to the restaurant is through two lifts which take you all the way up the building that leads you straight into Coq d’Argent.

No. 1 Poultry Building 

waiting for the lift to the top, how do you like my shoes? 

finally ready to get into the lift and go up 

My friends and I exited the lift and went straight into the main dining room. We noticed an outdoor space but could not figure out how to get out there. I finally had to ask someone and realized that an entire world was outside of Coq d’Argent waiting for us to explore! The huge rooftop features a canopied terrace, bar, manicured fake grass lawns, pretty growing vines and stunning views of the London skyline.

Looking across from the rooftop at Coq d’Argent, day or night you see buildings that are part of London’s iconic skyline look as though they are right below you — like the London Stock Exchange, or right across from you — like the Gherkin all from a single rooftop. It is quite literally the perfect scene for bankers, stockbrokers, and the financial whiz kids of this city to come and unwind after a day at work. We all grabbed a drink and enjoyed the beautiful rooftop views outdoors, but then it was time to head inside as we were all getting quite hungry.

aren’t the flowers beautiful? 

manicured lawn on the rooftops of London

London Stock Exchange, financial buildings, and spectacular views

Inside Coq d’Argent the main dining room features wood walls, large windows, and minimal decor with your focus straight to the ample space created for the white-clothed tables where the fancy financial suits sit. It feels quite large in there, with table after table after table as far as your eye can see, making your head spin just after one martini. Indoor attractions include a circular bar, brasserie and overall a very corporate style restaurant, but all types from business suits, to young swanky couples, tourists and posh kids in their 20’s looking for the newest London hot spot can all be seen dining here.

these faces are called Hungry (Hangry) Part I

Hungry (Hangry) Part II 

oyster time

after oysters, a little less Hungry (Hangry) Face haha

hmmm what should I eat… 

The cuisine is regional nouvelle French and since the weather was warm, we decided to reserve a table for the alfresco experience. The food in our experience was ok at best, while everyone else feasted on the lamb shoulder for the main course, I chose a tuna steak for my entree. The wine list runs into the hundreds – both in price and variety – with dapper sommeliers out on the floor surrounded by wait-staff  with perfect outfits and matching haircuts to help guide patrons through the wine selections. The service although well-intentioned was also not as on-the-ball for a place charging patrons such a hefty price tag for dinner.


lamb shoulder for my friends

fish for me  

The desserts were similarly just ok– nothing more. And while the venue clearly caters to a clientele with money to burn, we spent a whopping £120 per person that evening, there are options for those who wish to eat here without breaking the bank. Prix fixe dinner and Sunday lunch deals will set you back around £30 for a three-course meal at Coq d’Argent.

did someone say dessert… 

Review of Dinner at Coq d’Argent:

Overall the experience was loud, big, with too many tables for my personal taste and expensive. With such a huge outdoor space and main dining hall, I understand the overhead facing this restaurant. I hope they can finesse their service and brighten up their food a bit in the near future. But, as I choose to see the positive in every situation, it was an enjoyable evening for my friends and I. Coq d’Argent will continue to trend as a hot spot particularly for bankers and their clients heading in straight after work to grab a cocktail on the huge rooftop.  Day or night the location simply offers striking skyline views across London. I hope you enjoyed dining with us!

Coq d’Argent Tips

Here is my little cheat sheet full of tips you can reference quickly the next time you come back to this post and are considering dining here with friends or grabbing a drink. And here is the link to their website to make reservations which are required for dinner. http://www.coqdargent.co.uk/

Please don’t forget to leave me a comment below and share your thoughts, thanks so much! 

  • Dress Code

    Upscale classy: smart suits, stylish button-downs, polos, designer skirts, sleek dresses, high heels. Casual dress code enforced but jacket and tie are not required.

  • When to Go

    Popular on any sunny or warm day to experience the rooftop, weeknights for classy drinks after work, Sunday for pre fixe and deals. I highly recommend drinks after work during the week.

  • Crowd

    Bankers, stockbrokers, finance guys, older executives, tourists, stylish ladies, classy hip couples, posh kids mid-20s and up.

  • Close By

    The Anthologist (58 Gresham Street)  a restaurant, bar, deli, and part-time club all wrapped into one in the heart of The City. It is your one-stop-shop in the city.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Lots of jazz and other ambient vibes, prepare for the loud volume.

  • Food

    Full menu of French-inspired cuisine. Reservations required for the restaurant, but not accepted for the terrace bar.

  • Prices

    Food: Breakfast £4–£10, appetizers £9.50–£17, entrées £17.50–£37.50, prix fixe lunch and dinner packages £25–£30/two or three courses, caviar £30–£120.

    Drinks: Beer £4+, wine £4–£20+/glass or £25–£500+/bottle, cocktails £10+.


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