Dinner at Theo’s Restaurant in Cyrpus


Located right in the middle of the Harbor in Kato Paphos, Cyprus, Theo’s Restaurant is a place that brings everyone together for their incredibly delicious fresh seafood served on the Harbor.

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In the sea surrounding the harbor, you will see local fisherman throughout the day in the full throws of trying to catch the freshest fish. What do they do with it once caught? The bring it to Theo’s of course for the patrons of the restaurant to enjoy.


The restaurant is probably consider a bit on the more pricey side, but for fresh fish and a fish lover like me, totally worth it. For about 80 Euros per person, you get the freshest catch of the day, cooked, then filled table side right in front of you, and served with an assortment of vegetables.

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The best part is that because the restaurant is not enclosed, you can enjoy the views of the harbour and sunset while having your fresh fish and wine too. There are many similar restaurants located in the harbor all serving fresh fish, but what separates Theo’s is that the servers are quite nice and it has really established itself and created a name with locals as well as tourists. You know when locals go somewhere you are usually in for a good meal.

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