Here comes the Cyprus sun



I had a wonderful time vacationing in the coastal city of Paphos, Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. In Paphos, there is an array of activities for a person to enjoy. Half of Paphos is practically devoted to resorts and resort-style activities. Such as lounging by the pool and enjoying the cabanas that overlook the sea.


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There is a lot of sports to participate in on the other side of the city, but unfortunately due to business and time constraints, I was not able to participate in any this trip. So I spent a lot of time lounging, relaxing and swimming in the sea.



However, by and far the greatest thing about Paphos that I will remember for the rest of my life is the beautiful and brilliant sunsets. They were truly magical.




In my lifetime I have seen many beautiful sunsets in many places. I am fortunate in that I have traveled the world, but I have not seen anything even remotely comparable to the sunsets I experienced during that week there.





First, the colors were unbelievable. All of a sudden, there would be the most brilliant orange in front of your eyes, followed by the coolest blue that would turn into a bright purple that would stretch across the sky. It was as though a live painting was being painted right in front of your eyes, with the sea as the foreground.




After this brilliant display of colors, and just when you thought it could not possible get any more beautiful, the sun would fill up the sky and then slowly dip behind the sea one inch at a time, all the while painting the sky with soft and broad brush strokes of the most vibrant colors.


I have never experienced sunsets like these before and truly stood on the beach in wonder and amazement and inhaled their beauty. If anything, go to Paphos for the sunsets, they are truly magnificent and out of this world.


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