Some thoughts on ordinary versus extraordinary


Nowadays successful people are the subject of any hot discussion. Success is inspiring and interesting to talk about. During my recent trip to Strasbourg, the conversation with my friends and colleagues turned to the topic of success and the character traits and mental processes of successful people. The truth is, any successful individual is composed of the same flesh and blood just like you and I are. They are not born prophets with miraculous abilities, but they do possess a distinct mindset comprised of small differences that help them stick out from the rest, and ultimately, help them succeed.


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So, what are the key aspects that differentiate them from the crowd?  Below I have listed their differences from my point of view after 20 years of being an entrepreneur and traveling across the world. Please add your own in the comments section as well:



1. Ordinary people talk about other people, successful people talk about ideas.

2. Ordinary people set goals, successful people set a detailed plan of action.

3. Ordinary people complain about life, successful people adapt to what life throws at them.

4. Ordinary people stick to social norms, successful people create their own norms.

5. Ordinary people dream of a better future, successful people create a better future.

6. Ordinary people let their thoughts influence them, successful people influence their thoughts.

7. Ordinary people prefer instant gratification, successful people choose long-term rewards.

8. Ordinary people praise overabundance, successful people praise limitation.

9. Ordinary people see a half-empty glass, successful people see a half-full glass.

10. Ordinary people judge others, successful people only judge themselves.

11. Ordinary people watch TV every day, successful people read every day.

12. Ordinary people buy objects, successful people buy value.

13. Ordinary people want to be better than others, successful people want to be a better self.

14. Ordinary people can’t say no, successful people often say no.



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