Lunch on the Lake at Lacustre


I have been dining at this great spot right in the middle of city of Geneva, Switzerland for years. In fact, it has become my go to spot for business meetings because on a beautiful clear day, you can sit and enjoy not only the weather, but also the views of the lake, and relish in the amazing fresh fish Lacustre has to offer. From the terrace you have an absolutely gorgeous view onto the basin of Geneva’s lake and the Alps.

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The restaurant Le Lacustre is positioned in the very centre of Geneva directly at the Rhône River waterfront. In the elegant and modern setting you sit and enjoy a first-class Mediterranean dining experience. Guests can delight in the selection of top quality fish and meat dishes, as well as carefully selected Geneva specialties, an exclusive list of local and Italian wines as well as handmade dessert creations.

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One of the reasons I visit this restaurant over and over again is to eat their fresh fish. They serve a delicious Sea Bream, which is a Sea Bass that is very popular here in Europe that is packed in a heavy coating of salt and then is baked in the oven. Finally, the fish is then is filled for you table-side and is served with seasonal vegetables. The meals here are by no means inexpensive, but they are definitely worth it both in taste and experience.

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Whether you are planning a sophisticated business lunch or a romantic lunch on the Lake, Lacustre is the perfect spot in Geneva for ambiance and fine Mediterranean food.


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