The Greatest Meal Ever!




Located right in the heart of Strasboug city, Restaurant Le Fossile has been serving French food for over 40 years. Although the décor has remained dedicated to its 1970’s origins and has its own charm, the restaurant does boast an impressive wine list that includes French wines from various regions all over the country and also includes Armagnac, a distinct French brandy that is produced in the Armagnac region in southwest France.  But truth be told, everyone comes to Le Fossile for one thing, and one thing only – l’onglet de boeuf à l’échalote, which translates to beef steak with shallots and is served with fries.


There is no real proper translation for the cut of beef that is “L’onglet,” but the best I can say is that it is a skirt steak from the ribcage area that is extremely tender. If overcooked you destroy the cut of meat completely. But cooked rare or medium rare, it is extremely succulent. All of this effort and preparation goes into making a very fine-flavored piece of meat.

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Typical of how l’onglet is served in other French restaurants, first comes the salad course. Then the main course- the l’onglet in its sauce served with fries. Once you finish your plate, a server comes by with a second portion of l’onglet and fries. Here at Le Fossile, they break the meat apart right in front of you, so it is truly a unique dining experience.

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I have been eating French food for years, all over France, Switzerland, and other places. After all, L’onglet is still the most popular dish in Paris. But I have to admit that the l’onglet at Le Fossile in Strasbourg is hands down the best I have ever had. I cannot wait to go back and eat there again. If you are in Strasbourg, you must go – it is the definition of mouth-watering delicious and is French cuisine at its best!



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