English History for Lunch


Just across the street from the gates of Hampton Court Palace and its magnificent gardens, you will find the Mute Swan, a restaurant exemplifying quintessential British charm in a building with its own character and history that dates back hundreds of years.

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First, at the heart of the main floor, the centerpiece is a curved bar which boasts a fine selection of cask ales, a back shelf filled with malts and various gins, and also a wine list and features of 50 varieties. Once patrons enter the main doors, you have two options. Downstairs, the setting has more of a pub and wine bar feel. Make your way up the beautiful metal staircase for a more sit-down restaurant style ambiance.

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Honoring British tradition, as you can see in the photograph above, the menu is very English with particular focus on an native staple: the Sunday Roast. The Mute Swan has a reputation for one of the best Sunday Roasts in London, with many celebrities visiting this restaurant just to taste the famous roast.

Now about the Sunday Roast itself. The main component of the roast is of course the meat which can be either chicken, beef, or pork which is served with potatoes and gravy. After World War II, the dish evolved to also include Yorkshire pudding, which is a side dish made of batter consisting of eggs, milk, and flour which is then baked and served on the side of the meat and gravy. It has become a cultural tradition for families to get together at home or an English restaurant to eat Sunday Roast, well on Sundays. The Mute Swan prepares and cooks their own Yorkshire pudding onsite, which is a nice treat.

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Note- the menu is available both upstairs and down so people can choose where they would like to sit, eat, drink, and enjoy. Hint, table in the corner upstairs looking over the restaurant is great if you want to relax, people watch, drink great wine from their menu and get your roast on.

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Just in time for summer, outside features a terrace for al fresco drinking and dining, which will be a very nice treat on sunny days in the summer to spend with friends and family.

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The Mute Swan is the perfect place to taste the traditional Sunday Roast while in a traditional English style restaurant. The prices were also quite affordable for a good quality meal. I had wanted to visit this restaurant for quite a while now and was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed my experience there.


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