Top 5 Reasons to Visit Corsica


Today’s blog post begins a series of four separate blog posts about my recent annual trip to Corsica. I want to create new content for all of you and hope that the photos and words teach you something new about this beautiful island. Below you will find photos from Bonifacio, the city from the Southern most part of the island and my personal favorite. Here are my Top 5 Reasons to visit Corsica:

1. Napoleon’s Birthplace

In 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica’s capital city on the south-west coast, a little boy was born that would grow to one day become The Emperor of France, Napoléon Bonaparte. Throughout the island, statues and street names provide a constant reminder of his legacy.  The Bonaparte House – Napoléon’s family home – is now a national museum. Don’t miss the excellent Musée Fesch that houses the paintings amassed by his uncle Joseph Fesch, including works by Botticelli and Titian.

2. The Good Eats

When your two closest neighbors are France and Italy, both renowned for their gastronomy, Corsician cuisine is influenced greatly by these foodie neighbors. But the island features its own regional eats and specialties, particularly when it comes to meats, for all of you meat lovers out there. Boar meat is a delicacy enjoyed more exclusively in Corsica, where the animals live wild. On its own, boar is delicious served potted or in the form of saucisson sec. Be sure to sample the regional cured meats also.

3. Get Into the Wild

Corsica’s mountainous terrain presents so many opportunities for those who want to explore outside no matter what time of the year. There is skiing in winter and for the more adventurous, it’s also a great place for climbing and paragliding. For those who want to put in serious miles there is lots of cycling, horse riding too, and don’t forget it is a fabulous place to just walk and take in the spectacular views.

4. 2 for 1 in Bonifacio

Who doesn’t love double the fun, well there is no better place than Bonifacio which is two cities in one. Located on the southern most part of the island, Bonifacio is a city in two parts. Vieille Ville is on the harbor side where most people live. On the other side, we have Haute Ville which is set within a cliff-top citadel from the 9th Century. A stroll through its narrow streets offers shady squares and some fabulous photo opportunities. It is my favorite city in this whole island so I highly recommend it!

5. Nature

I have been blessed to travel the world and pursue exciting business opportunities around the globe. But I can safely say that no island has captured my heart like Corsica has, not even Sardegna its sister island close by which is so different from Corsica. Here the untouched landscapes, rock formations, and crystal clear blue water truly are the stuff of dreams. Trust me you will not be disappointed if you visit this magical island.


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