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I wonder how you see me, wonder what I look like from the outside when you can’t see the roads and journeys inside me that brought me to here. But if there were some way for you to download years of my experience in the business world, you would find something very interesting.





But let me start a bit more general. In a world of entrepreneurship You would find a lot of very competent, talented, genius, people who work very hard at their jobs. And the one thing they care about most is helping to deliver groundbreaking job that customers prefer over their competition.




One more thing they would all have in common: a specific area of functional expertise. Whether it’s product development, operations, marketing, finance, or an entire market, there is always one thing they do best. The same is true of nearly every successful entrepreneur you’ve ever heard of:
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a coder. So is Google CEO Larry Page. Before and after cofounding PayPal, Peter Thiel ran hedge funds, he has a law degree, but like Warren Buffett and Charles Schwab, his expertise was in investing. Steve Jobs was more of a marketing genius. Likewise, The current CEO Tim Cook is an operations guy.



Myself, I started out my career in finance but moved accidentally to hotel industry. Or its better to say with all have happened to me during 2012 FORCED to move. Although I’m now deeply drowned in hotel business, I’m still a finance guy. That’s what I do best.




I can continue but I’m sure you get my point. Everyone starts out doing something and some of us end up running the whole show, but somewhere in between, “successful people always find the one thing they do best. And that becomes a break point in their careers.”



As far as I know, this is true only of highly driven people. I suspect the reason is

They make it their mission in life to find a place where their talents can shine and they can make their mark on the world.

They search until they find it. That pursuit speaks to their motivation, focus, discipline, and work ethic.
If you have those qualities, I believe you will find what you’re looking for. Sooner or later, I think we all do. Of course, your one thing could be some sort of humanitarian cause. It doesn’t have to be a moneymaker. But make no mistake, if you want to be successful in business, you have to find that one thing you do best.



Truth is, if real entrepreneurs wasted their precious time on all that online nonsense instead of focusing on finding and developing the one thing they do best, there would be no Microsoft, Apple, Google, or Facebook. There would be nothing for me to grab also. And there would be a lot fewer successful entrepreneurs.



Im thankful to my friend Andrew Lam to took these fantastic shots. in future we will do more collaboration together. @ilusphotography


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